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Steinmetz JROTC Career Academy


ALL GRADUATE: Students will achieve a 100% graduation rate.

MAKE BETTER CITIZENS: Students will become strong, stable individuals who in turn able to offer their stability to fellow students and ultimately to society.

READY FOR THE WORLD: Students will meet the demands of our constantly changing world by conquering the various obstacles that arise.

POSITIVE SELF-IMAGE: Students will develop a positive self-image.

ANALYTICAL HABITS OF MIND: Students will develop healthy skepticism. They will examine, sort out, and arrange conflicting points of view of interpretations by using the analytical habit of mind.

CONSCIENCE: Students will develop a moral imperative: the habit of examining the consequences of their words and actions.

LEADERSHIP: Students will set high standards for academic achievement and behavior, and they will influence others to meet those standards by example.

TEAMWORK: Students will improve intergroup relations by increasing trust and friendliness and learning to work with each other effectively towards a common goal.

LIFE OPTIONS: Students will understand they can and must make well-considered life choices.